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From As Built Floor Plan Drawings to Complete Designs, let CADFather  Drafting and Design take care of your square footage concerns.

In business for over 25 years, covering from Severville, TN to Atlanta, GA and all points in between, CADFather Drafting and Design can answer all your design and drafting needs.

Do you need to know how many square feet are in a suite, but all you have is a 20(+) year old drawing of it by someone using a best guess measuring wheel and not a laser?  Don't continue to lose revenue due to inaccurate drawings. All measurements are done with laser and are accurate to within 1/16th of an inch (if required).

CADFather Drafting and Design is a Disabled Veteran owned Company.

I had the ​privilege of working with Joseph Wilson (CADFather) at Woodbridge Foam Fabricators when he was working in the Engineering Section as the Plant Process Engineer. Joseph was often given difficult design problems for new products. Oftentimes he had nothing to work with other than a description of what was needed. The end results were nothing short of exceeding the customer’s expectations.

Joseph often had to research fire and safety codes to incorporate these in the designs. On one particular occasion he had to research special glues to adhere to polyurethane foam. This was completely out of his realm of expertise. The first glue took too long to adhere, but the second and third ones were proven to be successful. Next he had to look at special glue spray guns to speed up the process. Each step of the way he encountered a new problem until he successfully solved the problems. His tenacity to stay with a problem and his willingness to step outside his comfort zone displays his dedication to satisfying the customer’s needs.

On another occasion Joseph was given a difficult assignment of designing a piece of foam that was to fit tightly into a container that would be seamless so as to contain liquid and not spill. He was able to design and produce a prototype of the product in a very short time. It was very successful.

Several times I have called on Joseph to solve LEAN related problems. In many cases there wasn’t anything on the market that would fulfill our needs. Joseph was able to quickly come up with designs that solved our problems. His can do attitude, experience, ability, and personality quickly enamored him with his fellow workers.

Tom Adair T​otal Systems Development , Inc.

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